The naked hand

Little by little we become what we are

Drifting through a sea of us

Towards what we know not will be

What a journey it has been for me

Replete of joy and bewilderness

I cheerish this lurcking unknown

For it is the seed of all that lies ahead

The complete of which is still unclear

As things that are immense often are

And it is endless this realm of ours

Wide as the sum of all universes

An infinite of feelings profound



Clear your mind of all there is

Become desert, wide as the wild

The void becomes you

Open yourself, let me flow in

And take ownership of your thougts

I belong to them, they to me

Why delay what is to be?

If we are bound to merge as one

As our nature commands it to

Why not go ahead, unleashed?

So move, release the dreary within

I will fill it with the depth of me

You will be complete, you will see

For the first time, for ever



The remnants of our past lives still linger

Pulling us down, below the surface

We fight them, effortful

Avoiding drowning in the sorrows

Clinging to the pristine hope of tomorrow

It is there, ahead, that we look

Beyond the dark and tempestuous

There is mist on the foreground

Welcoming us, like a warm embrace

“Come to me, your haven is here”

A mermaid of gentle voice allures

Whispering through the wind

Drawing us closer and closer

Until we gently become what was written

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