An eclipse of minds

What once was, surfaces beyond what was not

I sense its approach, silently, to the bone

Before I had mistaken it for a breeze, passing by

But this time the wind lingered, deep inside my skin

There is more to me, to it, than an eclipse of minds

The notion of self drops as I regain consciousness

And begin seeing all that I was blinded to before

I wander, in rapid eye movements, away from the darkness

At the end of the unbound road a lamp gently glitters

Its dim ligth fades on me, as a premature dusk

Casting an ethereal veil over the scene and the world

Subtle shadows rise from the unseen, lurking

Like questions not fully answered, ever

They mutter sounds of gravity, forcing me to defy logic

I am more aware of myself now that I am lost, I realize

The absolute unknown allures me beyond words

That mermaid’s whisper gives compass to my steps

Guiding me along the unpaved roads of life, until my end

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